2014 Calendar Winners

This is the list of winners of our annual calendar raffle.  Thanks to everyone for purchasing one.  Your contributions help to see to it that Millbury Little League can continue.

Thank you very much for your support of baseball in Millbury.

Here are the initial drawings for the calendar raffle.  
The $500 winners are:  

Deborah Plante

David Zimage


The following are $50 winners:

Mark Beaty
Dah Bar
Antonella Sena
Dave Nugent
Judy Dupont
Todd Broberg
Bob Dwinell
Kristen Landgren
Kris Collins
Maureen Watkins
Antonella Sena
Nick Strom
Karen Alexander
Amanda Capuano
Nancy Lucier
Kris Collins
Justin Stockwell
Debra Kortecamp-Wallace
Rachel Decatur
Jim Hoban
Jaelyn Chaves
Nicole Cooney
Bob Fischer
Gianna Cappoli

All monies will be sent via U.S. mail to the winners.

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